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Trading, Selling, and Consigning: 


Caroline Colt Auctions is interested in the following merchandise for sell or trade:


Firearms                                          Gold/Silver

Vintage Sporting Goods                Jewelry

Trading Cards                                Autographed Memorabilia

Watches                                          Knives

Vintage Toys                                   Relics                                   Military Collectibles                      Vintage Books

Art/Prints                                       and More!


Caroline Colt Auctions will provide a shipping label for all products you are wishing to consign, sell, or trade.


Free estimates will be given once we have received your request with photos (form below).   While this is only an estimate based on the information and photos you provide, we pride ourselves on being very close if not exact to the amount given once the item has been received and evaluated. 


If you have a large collection of more than 5 items you wish to consign, sell, or trade, please email us directly at   If you email us with one item, you will be directed back to this form.  We will travel for pickup of a collection deeming suitable for our company. 

Fill out the form and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours with a quote. More information on buying, trades, and consigning process will be sent with your quote.

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